It’s fast…very fast, and friendly on your clothes and the planet.

Get your washing done faster than a five legged rabbit in our high-techy laundromat. Eco Laundry Room has huge 20kg TESLA machines and features easy options like; ‘Doona Wash’ and ‘FREE prewash drum clean’. You can fit 4 loads of washing in one go; or, wash and dry a king-sized doona in under an hour…the choice is yours!


      Download app and get a FREE wash or dry.


      Use the 360° view below to look around the laundromat.

      Eco Laundry Loyalty

      Pay with a loyalty card and get 10% OFF all your washing and drying at any laundromat location.

      Just use your loyalty card to pay for you washing and drying. And you’ll get a further 10% OFF at any of our laundromats. It’s a really economical way to do your laundry. Top it up any time and keep saving.