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Eco Laundry Room is changing the way you do your laundry Eco Laundry Room in Central West, Braybrook


Tesla Professional washers range 8kg-20kg


Tesla Professional dryers range 16-30kg


Connect to free WiFi


Pay with card


24/7-Access. Wash and dry in your time.

We replace the old-school and dull laundromat

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  • Bonus $20 credit on your initial purchase
  • 10% discount on all washers and dryers every time
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Our Location

Central West Shopping Centre
Shop T36/67 Ashley St,
Braybrook VIC 3019

We are next to Australia Post

spray bottle cleaning bucket

Germophobia... bit of a clean freak?

We practice daily sanitisation at all our laundromats from floor to ceiling, including all our machines. In addition, there is a FREE Drum Clean option to clean the washer with hot water prior to use. So if you’re a germaphobe; chillax, you can start fresh every time.

Start fresh at Eco Laundry Room

We practice daily sanitisation at all our laundromats

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Wash & Dry your doona from $10*

*Wash & Dry single bed doona. Double, Queen & King bed is extra.

Wash & Dry your doona from $10*
ELR is a high-tech laundering experience with a special focus on preserving the environment

We want to create change for good.

Our vision is to replace the old-school and dull laundromat into a high-tech laundering experience with a special focus on preserving the environment. Our Founders had already been practising an environmentally-friendly lifestyle at home, so it made perfect sense to take it to the next level.

“Let’s become the benchmark, something no one else had done.”

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Eco Laundry Rooms are dedicated to maintaining a high level clean & safe environment for all our customers.

This starts with ensuring that machines are clean before you put your clothes or bedding in.

Our machines provide a FREE DRUM CLEAN which uses hot water to sanitise the drum. Setting the gold standard in laundry.

This is the natural way to sanitise without using any chemicals.

We also provide a number of sanitising products to keep the laundry and yourself germ free.

Don’t put your clothes, and bedding in a machine that hasn’t been drum cleaned first!

Visit one of our Eco Laundry Rooms today!

What are your opening hours?

7 Days a Week Every Day of the Year


  • Caddens 6am – 12am


  • Mt Gravatt COMING SOON


  • Altona 6am-12am
  • North Melbourne 6am-8pm
  • Point Cook 6am-12am
  • South Morang 6am – 12am
  • Hunt Club 6am – 12am
  • Ocean Grove 6am – 12am
  • Lara 6am – 12am
  • Bendigo 6am – 12am
  • Marriott Waters 6am – 12am
  • Officer 6am – 12am
  • Braybrook 6am – 12am
  • Mernda COMING SOON
  • Amstrong Creek COMING SOON

How big are your largest machines?


We have 20kg washers at Corio, Point Cook, Altona and 18kg at North Melbourne.


We have 16kg, 30kg, 13kg and 23kg Dryers at our Stores

Can I put my silk clothing in the dryer?

Do not dry silk clothes in the dryers.

Silk clothes should not be placed in the dryers. Silk items are to be air dried.

For best results always follow your garments care instructions.

Can I use my own detergent?

Yes, you can. Our Eco Laundry Room Laundry Powder is available for purchase instore if you have left yours behind.

Why did my clothes take too long to dry?

Overloading a dryer with too much laundry will be problematic because clothes need enough room to tumble through the hot air in the dryer or they will take too long to dry.

TIP: It will be faster and cheaper to use two dryers instead of overloading one.

Do you washers have different wash cycles?

All our washers have preset cycles to suit your laundry needs.

  • COLD
  • WARM
  • HOT
  • WOOL
  • Delicate
  • and more…

Do you have hand sanitiser available?

All our stores have sanitiser available for our customers.

What if I can't find some of my laundry after I get home?

We will tag any articles left in a washer or dryer for identification purposes – from date of discovery to the specific machine it was found in. We will keep it for up to 30 days. If article remains unclaimed within that time frame, it will then be donated to charity. To claim lost articles, please contact us on 1300 326 880.

TIP: Double check the machines after you unload your clothing. Also spin a washer drum to see if items are stuck on the sides.

What's the best way to dry a lot of laundry?

When you’re short of time, divide and conquer. The quickest and cheapest way to dry a big load is to put all quick drying light clothing into one dryer and heavy articles into another.

TIP: When possible, choose dryers that have recently been used and are still warm. This will save you money.

How do I add clothes to the washer after it starts?

If you have forgotten a sock we have programmed in a small window or time at the beginning of the cycle to allow you to access the washer if required.

To do so, press the START dial, then select PAUSE, you will hear the door unlock, open the door and add your sock. Then re-close the door and push the START dial to process with the cycle.

TIP: To avoid start-up problems use this sequence: 

(1) Insert washing, 

(2) Add detergent,

(3) Select Program,

(4) Check around your area to ensure you have included everything in the washer

(5) Close door,

(6) Please pay,

(7) Press Start. 

How come it didn't wash right - some of my clothes didn't even get wet?

This is usually caused by overloading the washer. Occasionally when the washer is stuffed so full, water can’t circulate and some of your clothes remain dry!

Also make sure you are placing you detergent in the correct pocket. You’ll find a diagram on the front our machines to help you.

TIP: It will be faster and cheaper to use two washers instead of overloading one and having to go through the washing process again.

How do I get a Loyalty Card?

Loyalty Cards are available from our payment kiosk.

What facilities can be enjoyed at Eco Laundry Room?

All our Eco Laundry Room stores have:

Free Wi-Fi

Media Information Screen

CCTV Security

USB and Power Sockets for Charging

We are also located conveniently so you can visit our neighbours for a quick shop or coffee during your cycle.

Does your Laundromat have parking?

Yes all out stores provide convenient parking.

Can I wash bedding or rugs in the machines?

Definitely! Our machines are made for large items. You should not wash rugs with rubber backing as they may break up during the wash.

For best results always follow  your items care instructions.

How do I report a broken machine?

Any problems with machine malfunction should be reported to 1300 326 880. You can also report issues to info@ecolaundryroom.com.au

How do I pay for a washer or a dryer?

Our payment kiosk gives you the option to pay via tap, loyalty card or cash.

Does your store have WiFi?

Yes. You can access FREE WiFi via our HOTSPOT. While in the store you will find us in the available WiFi networks. Tap on us and follow the prompts.

If you need help feel free to call 1300 326 880.

Can I wash pet bedding?

Yes. We have a Pet Wash Cycle for our fur baby’s items.

Always run our FREE Drum clean post use.

We provide spray and paper towel to wipe down your area.

Please be mindful of other customers and to keep the area clean.

Unfortunately we don’t accept stable or kennel items.