Doona washing is a breeze,
just select the DOONA WASH cycle.

✓ Massive 20kg washers.

✓ Select our DOONA WASH’ cycle and use a detergent without enzymes.

✓ Drying is a breeze too in our 30kg and 16kg dryers.


Team it up with our low allergy natural laundry powder in store for a perfect wash

✓ 2 Washers per pack

✓ Low Allergenit

✓ Hot or cold washing

✓ 100% Eucalyptus oil

✓ 100% Enviro-friendly

✓ 100% Australian Made

✓ $2.00 ea

So why clean a doona?

✓ Maintain a clean doona free from bacteria, viruses, mold and dust mites

✓ Clean doonas regular to ensure nasties don’t breed.

✓ A minimum is at the start of each season – four times a year.