Doona washing is a breeze, just select the doona wash cycle.

When it comes to doonas, quilts, duvets or coverlets,  they can usually be washed, but some domestic washing machines don’t have a cycle especially for doonas, or a large enough capacity to allow the donna to move freely around the drum. That’s not an issue at Eco Laundry Room, any doona will fit our massive 20kg washers.

Select and press the “Doona Wash’ cycle and use a detergent without enzymes. You can dry them—worry free—with our smart moisture sensor dryers. They dry with care and leave your favourite doona fluffy and clean.

Always refer to the care label of wool, feather and down filled donnas as some may need a little extra TLC and specify dry-cleaning only.

So why clean a doona?

You need to keep doonas clean to make sure bacteria, mold or live dust mites don’t breed in them. Even dried skin flakes make their way in them too—yuck.

How clean is clean enough? To make sure nasties don’t breed. It’s recommended at least twice a year. The more the merrier though we think. A good rule of thumb is at the start of each season, probably about four times a year.

Buy low allergy natural laundry powder in store.